1. future-robin:

    This is honestly one of my favorite Spongebob moments. Can we take a minute to realize how clever the writing for this show used to be? 

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  2. mid2000snatalieportman:


    with 93 million on tumblr i bet theres a clique of 37 year olds who make fun of us

    yeah they’re called the staff

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  3. moonager:

    One time I was on a rollercoaster and a guy’s hat fell off during one of the loops but he caught it when we were right side up again, and i have to go my whole life knowing I’ll never be as cool as that guy.

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  7. shisnojon:


    2014 is half over and

    • -i lost no weight
    • -didn’t learn anything
    • -haven’t made an effort to save money
    • -still ugly

    damn that sucks I’m healthier than ever, learned a shit ton, and I’m also beautiful and cool

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  9. waywardchappy:

    I always read FAQ as fack and I don’t plan on changing this

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  10. onlylolgifs:

    First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it

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